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Megaton's Wild American Ginseng
Airy, extremely light texture & wrinkled.
They're Megatonic! TM

Now you can buy wild ginseng roots directly
from the hardwood forests of Minnesota!

Buy direct! Get quality roots and save!
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Benefits of Ginseng

          Wild Ginseng Roots from the hardwood forests of Minnesota are prized by ginseng connoisseurs.  

          Most wild ginseng roots are at least 7 years old before they are harvested. Older roots and very large wild roots are extremely rare. Our ginseng is harvested, then graded and either shipped fresh or slowly cured with the utmost of care. Each order is shipped with Megaton's Certificate of Authenticity.

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Know Your Ginseng!

American Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) can be grown in several ways. Each method of growing ginseng carries a term which is descriptive of the conditions under which the ginseng is grown, and the value of the ginseng is dependent on the method in which it was grown, the region in which it was grown and in the case of wild ginseng, the size, shape and age of the root.

Wild ginseng is native to the US. Over-harvesting and a decline in natural habitat have irradicated wild ginseng in many states and most states now regulate the harvest and sale of wild ginseng. Wild ginseng is by far the most sought after and the most expensive type of ginseng. The climatic and soil conditions in northern states like Minnesota, Vermont and Wisconsin create a noticeable difference in the wild ginseng roots, creating the most sought-after and expensive roots.

Wild simulated ginseng is ginseng that is grown from commercial seeds in a natural forest setting.

Woods grown ginseng is ginseng that is grown in the forest under controlled conditions which may include cultivation and the use of chemicals.

Commercial ginseng is ginseng which is grown under totally controlled conditions including the use of raised beds, chemicals, pesticides and artificial shade.

Consumer Alert: Commercial ginseng is available by the ton and sells for a fraction of the cost of wild ginseng. Most commercial growers use chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Powered ginseng is also sold in various potencies in tea mixes, tablets and capsules. Consumers should be sure to verify the source of ginseng and read the label on ginseng products to find the amount and type of ginseng that they are actually purchasing. In most cases, purchasing wild ginseng roots will not only provide a far better product, but a better value. In many cases, only a trace of commercially grown domestic ginseng is present in products labled with "ginseng".

More on the Benefits of Ginseng (Panax Ginseng), Recipes, Dosage, etc.  

 All of our roots are wild, properly harvested, lightly cleaned and shipped fresh or slowly air-dried with the greatest of care. Each order is shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity.

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